Contacts List for Goods and Services In Bali



Updated 14/4/17

I’ll list a few things that might be helpful to you. Please feel free to call me about any of them, as I have used all personally & am greatly satisfied & I can always take you to meet them if you need an introduction.



Bali Tecknik (a service company of LG Indonesia)  0361 780 7087 will come and clean your air conditioning filters & service your machine for RP30,000 & if you request when you telephone they will bring their Re-gasser & re charge your a/c.  One month guarantee on all work as well

  • Found to be very reliable April, 2015 — Sinar Bali Pak Yahno 0851 0091 9994  office 0361 2107756. Charged us RP350,000 to re-gas a motor & were quick.



700ml “9” Vodka is RP 175,000 per bottle & name label spirits are available through  Pak Nyoman at Hatten Wines. He will deliver to you after he finishes work any evening. He works at Hattens Wines   0812 3926 730



Register with DFAT at Smart Travellers to let them know where you are in case of earthquake, eruption or bomb etc (if you are Australian-otherwise your own Consulate or embassy)



For all current and accurate news on what’s happening in Bali and environs, you should subscribe to the free fortnightly BALI UPDATE written by Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours—



You can deposit RP’s only with the local Banjar & receive a monthly interest payment direct to your real bank account of 12.5%. The banjar then lends this out at 17.5%



  • BEER

The “Bintang Man “ will deliver Bintang to your house same day service. He delivers a minimum of 1 crate & initially requires a deposit for the bottles. He is at 0857 9290 3705



Guru Bapak Nyoman  Nirta  phone 081 2363 5995  email— Comes to you. Very nice, great manners & a pleasure to deal with. Cheaper in a group.


  • BALI DISCOVERY TOURS—Jack Daniels owns this company. They are in Sanur near the corner of Jl Hang Tuah on the bypass across from Sanur Paradise hotel. They can arrange ANYTHING. We booked all our visitors trips through their website & each person was $5.00-$10.00 cheaper than going direct to the Picked us up from home & brought us back. Great service. Want a great comfortable car, driver & guide, or to meet the twin princes’ of Bali (They are 80 years old) at their home for tea. They also arrange airfares & accommodation anywhere. They also have a really good newsletter you may want to subscribe free to.
Bali Discovery Tours Komplek Pertokoan
Sanur Raya No. 27
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai
Sanur, Bali
Indonesia62 361 286 283 (T)
62 361 286 284 (F)

After-Hours Number:
62 81 238 19 724


Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No 100X, Kuta phone 0361 7610263 They do 3,6, 12 month cover including emergency evacuation to Australia or Singapore for expats for a very good price. Mine was $400.00 USD for a couple p.a. includes ambulance. Make sure they have a map of your house & best access.  Most travel insurance won’t cover people who visit for 3 months or so but I think BIMC would have a good arrangement. Worth asking




DR ARI is an Indonesian who speaks good English and will come to you. He actually drives an Ambulance type vehicle and has a lot of pharmaceuticals in the van. He sees my Dutch neighbour regularly and I had him attend to my pembantu. He charges around RP 220,000 per visit. CASH ONLY  0821 395 4567.  I’ve had several people tell me how happy they were with his service etc.



Fantastic hospital in Renon in same street as Aust Consulate. Plenty of free parking. First time you go take your passport & Kitas. They will register you free and give you a membership card for file access. I had X-Rays of my wrist saw the doctor got the x-Rays. Took 30 minutes and cost RP170,000  FANTASTIC BALI ROYAL HOSPITAL   (BROS)

Jl Tantular No 36,


0361 247 499,   0361 222 588



Often hand -made and super quality if you want something different and special. Quite cheap.


Jl Pulau Batanta


Most of the well- off Balinese shop here for something unusual




TUB Beauty Store  also know as Urban Bali is at Jl W.R. Supratman No 233, Renon. This store has an on-line selling department as well as the actual store. They sell GENUINE Nyx, MAC, Bobbi Brown & lots of other brands at Wholesale Prices. Worth a visit




Sanur Bicycle Tours offers bicycle tours around Sanur. Also to Padang Galek to the “ghost town” of Taman Festival –an old amusement park abandoned in about 1997.

Run by Ivan Mural  +62 8223 781 6822






Jakarta Company but produced in Surabaya—Murrey Billiard tables. Isak Billiard Company


Jaya Printing & Advertising—Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur opposite McDonalds  (0361)887 8878


for moving or picking up largish items etc – (0361)796 6565



Jl Kutat Lestari, Gang V1, Sanur, Bali phone–0361 8427037

This is really clean & lovely & lots of room for the dogs & plenty of socialising with other dogs.




This is a large shop but down a long alley way in UBUD. At the bottom end of Jl Monkey Forest not far from the carpark bend as you take the road heading back up to the soccer fields.

Called IKATBATIK art for nature  0361 975 622.  It has some of the most sophisticated & best quality scarves, shawls, hangings & covers I’ve ever seen They even have goat’s wool handwoven & dyed shawls. They even have some wooden carvings from Borneo



CAKRA is a shop open Monday to Saturday in Tohpati.

Head to Ubud by turning right at the lights at Tohpati at the bypass & go along Jl W R Supratman for about 300 metres & on the corner of Jl Mebek (first street on the right) there is a tall but small temple, this shop is right there & has huge horses & insects etc out the front. They deliver.



Alex Hermanto is a very pleasant young man of Chinese & Balinese descent. He lives at Tuban & operates a mobile service to help with software & hardware of both PC & Apple. The company is called Nyama Bali phone 08311 819 816. He charges RP 300,000.00 to come to you & RP 300,000 per hour thereafter. He often rounds this down to less. I thought this was very expensive but he was really good. Explained everything. Anything he changed he put back so there were no hassles afterward & his English is first rate. He was worth it.


Raymond is a really lovely guy. He will work privately & come to your home & sort out your problem. The hard drive on Terry’s Apple laptop died & he replaced it within 24 hours & came to the house to ensure everything was set up properly & charged RP 1.7 million ( included new larger hard drive & retrieval of all data)  phone—0819 99408333


KOKO KOMPUTER—Pak UNTUNG  0811 397721.

Really great English, amazing same day service to your house. They show you the diagnostics & identify the problem. They replaced the hard drive in my Microsoft  computer with 1 terrabyte for RP950,000. Their work fee is RP300,000. They also do a lot of Apple work. Absolutely recommend these people.


MAC DEWATA  Service & Maintenance—Fix all things APPLE (iphones etc)

Jl Glogor Carik No 99X, Kuta  0819 9937 3828. The main road behind Carrefour’s back entry

Also now in Jl Danau Toba in Sanur just past McDonalds( Jan 2017)



Cd player & built in GPS—Caska Venom—Eric  Jl Gatot Subroto Timur No.22 Denpasar—(0361)464 272  Hand phone  0818 371 552. Really good service & quick & cheap.



Sensolabs Kupu Kupu Coffee

Jl Pulau Moyo,

Denpasar   0361 710736


Dapur kopi Bali

Jl Batur Sari 20X,


0361 271287

Quick turn around on repairs, they also sell descalling fluid & coffee machine cleaners etc. They also custom blend & roast beans & will deliver finished product to your house

Beans cost between RP 165,000-253,000 per kgs. We’ve been getting the Italian (100%) Arabica and really enjoying it for RP 203,500 per kg.



Call Ollie Mauger (a New Zealander) at Bali Compost Crafters at Pecatu 0822 4741 4045



Repairs, re-weaving & replacement & spray painting.Also made to order furniture.

Very obliging & efficient. Pick up & deliver from your home

Malang Indah Rotan    Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No 101, SUWUNG  Cnr of the entry to the military base & mosque..0361 724538

They are so busy that you could wait 3 months for new furniture.





Ibu Dayu of D & L Interiors in Jl Raya Andong, Ubud  0361 972000  (Between Delta Supermarket & Krisna Cargo)

Mobile 08123603710    email

Dayu has all the top quality Sunbrella materials & will make anything & is half the price of anyone else. She also has passport covers, flags, wall scrolls with sayings, note pads. Absolutely worth a visit.






Macha Store—- Cushions & Cushion covers—referred by Janine Pitman

Yessy Catrina <>


This a home/store owned & opereated by CICI Penggabean & her designer husband .

They are a lovely obliging couple who have a very ex-pat type product & really great patterns. Have a look on her facebook page for her pillows, cushions ,bedcovers bed scarves etc.

Great English

To discuss further by WhatsApp or Facebook.
My WhatsApp number is 0896 8541 5612.

Cici Panggabean






ALL SECONDS, you really need to search but it’s fun, dirty & cheap. No idea of name but travel north from the Bypass Ngurah Rai into Gatrot Subroto, past the car, muffler & repair people over the 3rd bridge & it’s on the left opposite Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s right at the lights. I can always take you.

  • ART OF THE TABLE in Jl Batu Belig almost at Lio Sq lights (but hard to park) has really good glassware & crockery. Also has a new store on Jl Sunset Rd.
  • Jl Mertanadi, Kerobokan (next door to Red Drum Restaurant) has good glassware. & they are now on the Sunset Rd at the Seminyak end on the eastern side.




Dr Sucipto, Dr Agung & family are at Bali International Dental Centre in Jl Diponegro 150 Compleks IDT/Jenteng Buru Blok A/32,

Denpasar   0361 222541.

Super duper modern equipment and really good prices.


Dr Dianna Wardha is in Sanur in Jl Danau Poso above Glo Salon. I’ve had a lot of people tell me how good she is. Worth a try. Also lovely modern premises. Only works in the evenings from 6.00PM—9.00pm  Call 0812 39897890.

I had root canal therapy for RP 8900,000. Dr Sucipto quote RP 3.5 million





Own vehicle (Van) Pak Ketut Alit  081 246 176 204  standby outside Coco Art Shop in Sanur. He is my long term pembantu’s brother. Lovely family,  very honest & reliable. Good English. Sings Karaoke in his spare time—sing along you might enjoy it.


  • Pak Wayan Suweta is a tour guide & driver. Has an Avanza. His English is good & he worked in Griffith in NSW, Australia, picking fruit etc for 3 years. He is the cousin of Terry’s friend, Bendy. Phone 081 239 651 457
  • Hery Bali Tours (Private driver & tour Guide)—His name is Komang Hery Mardika. +62 81999208071 or +62 82236088983

He has an immaculate Innova with 7 seats. His English is exceptional.

I met him through one of my houseguests who facebooks him & picks her up from the airport each time she visits. She really recommends him & I certainly liked him.

  • Kadek Arsana— Bali Balayuda Transport 0818569370    Has a smaller innova but has good English.
  • Some Dutch people staying with me recommended this driver. Called Gede although I am confused as his card says LUCKY BALI— Jack Vorobey

Call 0812 3774 0863 or 0821 4586 2774.

  • Sari Tours in Jl Bajang Sari Have large clean vehicles with drivers for airport pick up & will pick up 6 people & luggage for RP 350,000 & bring to Sanur.

They are just near my house & have other prices & have a vehicle that can pick up 13 people for RP 450,000.  Phone 0361 289305; 0361 288970.

  • HARLLY is Janene Beckham’s main driver & I can see why. Great English, new clean car really helpful & cheaper than most people.

Stand by at front of Respati Hotel  phone  0812 2466 8973






If you are a member of BIWA and present your card at— Porkies Butchers—15% off, Aroma Spa — 15% off , Bali Advenyure Tours —15%   Batu Jimbar Cafe & The Pantry –15%, Grocer & Grind—15% Barely There Swimwear—10%


If you have a Hardys’ card—Bali Zoo —10%, Bali Bird Park  —10%, Sobek—15%, Marina Srikandi —20%, McDonalds Sanur—Free French Fries with purchase





Scooby Doo   081 916 732 186

Next day free delivery of frozen fresh dog food. They even stack it in my freezer.

This food is made up by a butcher in Kuta for the Scooby Doo company.

The frozen sausage is 1 Kg & cost RP 36,000 for beef, RP33,000 for Pork & RP 32,000 for chicken. It’s 60% meat & the rest vegetables. My dogs are crazy for it

You can SMS them your details or order on line



Dewata Bordir   Ruko Imam Bonjol Square AA10, Imam Bonjol Denpasar.  (almost next door to U.D. Tenaga Baru)

Ibu Sintha, is the lady to see. Very good English & helpful. They do logos embroidery etc. I wanted a Greek Key pattern done on a wide braid & I took her A CLEAN pair of Terry’s underpants in, as they had the Versace Pattern & she happily & laughingly reproduced it. Quite cheap. They did 50 metres of braid for me.   0819 997 379 48   email;


  • ELECTROLUX SERVICE for washing Machines & Dryers.

0361 7843116



Ida Bagus Apribawa known as Bawa is an aeronautical engineer who owns this place. Fabulous English. The most obliging & thorough person you will meet    0817 419 7039


  • TOYOTA & FOUR WHEEL DRIVES. Call Pak Nyoman at GM Powers. He is amazing. Quick, cheap & smart. They also spray paint cars & can help if you want to buy a car & don’t know who to trust. 0812 465 8299., Renon 0361 7954 078. Honest & reliable



need a 5 year International Drivers License for $50.00 AUD Gavin  phone—0812 463 867 32

Recently friends told me that Gavin may have left Bali. So I can’t guarantee this service. Recently , I was told to go to see the Australian owner of a bar just past Fire Station in Jl Danau Poso heading to the Bypass





In House Designs— TRIO GlobexIndo

Jl Raya Andong, UBUD-BALI    Ibu Ratna      0361    977162

This is an export only company that sells to buyers from overseas. If pushed Ibu Ratna says she will talk to her boss & get an agreement but ultimately they will sell to Bali residents provided you purchase a minimum of RP 5 Million. Delivery is 6-8 weeks to their warehouse & you have to pick it up from them.

When you look around their display shop at the rear remember that as you are in Bali they are going to charge you DOUBLE on their marked price, but these are still items you can’t buy anywhere else in Bali.


IFURNATURE   PETRIFIED WOOD RETAILER     Jl Sunset Rd 168, Seminyak   Pak Edy is the guy to talk to  0361 8585 999


Petrified wood is sold by the kilo & includes delivery. Expensive but amazing. They also have resin & wood tables etc


  • Bali Home furnishing is in the TRANS NUSA Cargo office in Ketewel on the Western , side road heading out of Padang Galek. Hard to find & has sculptures in the front & lots of parking. An a/c office area with good quality & design cushions 40x 40 for RP175,000 each. Also some nice casual furniture that you won’t see elsewhere. Owned & designed by a lady from Perth

Jl Professor Ida Bagus Mantra No. 120X, Ketewel, Gianyar   087860607825 office

The very nice office girl is named Icha  081337843825




Alta Moda is hard to beat. They have Versace, Boss , Fudji,Gucci & thousands of other fabrics at good prices. 3 floors of amazing stuff for men & women.

They are open 7 days from 8am to 8pm

Central Parking Complex in Kuta . Jl Patih Jelantik 0361 769200. The  male staff & owners are Indian & will follow you around but they really are only trying to help.

At around 10am their freelance tailors come to the shop . They are better than some but still average.

All of November & December, January & February is 50% off fabrics.



Pak Rusmin (Rusty) Widjaja speaks great English , is recommended by Aust Consulate & handles all paperwork including cancelling passports, obtaining official death certificates & cremations. Rumah Duka RSAD Jl PB Sudirman No 1, Denpasar 80000. His office is opposite Sanglah Hospital 0361 7437626 081238802386. Email






water features, something unique—go to see Ron at Horizon Glassworks, Jl Raya Kengetan,Bali. (0361) 780 4014  Handphone 081 337 455 419



RP30,000 per sq metre supply & install—Dewata Asih Jl Hangtuah  081 236 167 521



Central Beads  &  Toko Central is a series of shops on both sides of the road in Jl Raya  Kuta, Kuta. Right on the bend both sides going south past GALEAL Supermarket & petrol station.

They have braids, ribbons, zippers, buttons, embroidery appliqué, just about anything you might need. You can park out the front easily. They have amazing trims & ready -made rope piping for cushions etc. Lots of feathers, fake bling,  belts. Really a great wander around

They also have a branch in Sanur at Jl Danau Buyan just past the south western corner of the bypass (heading towards Renon) but they are very unhelpful. You have to push & pull stuff out yourself but lots of sewing thread, zippers, Velcro, elastic & interfacing fabrics.



Geneva Handicrafts on the top 3 floors about a furniture store on Jl Raya Kerobokan No 100, Seminyak.  0361 733 571. Plenty of on-site parking. There is a lift as well as stairs.

You may want to take a packet of “wet ones” as this place is dusty but they seem to have everything.

Shell,  woven or leather & wood trays, any Bali souvenir including t-shirts. Resin & shell lamps, Wooden statues & metal buddhas & statues. Stylish leather magazine holders are RP 225,000. Lots of rubbish bins, purses, candle holders . Really worth wandering around here.






Australian Lisa McKnight. She will come to your home or you can go to her at Mertasari . Cut is around RP 250,000. Colour much more as the chemicals cost a lot. She also teaches yoga. Personal contact   phone 08180 535 6147  email—


The Shampoo Lounge in Seminyak is just off the Sunset Rd near the top Jl Bagankasari. Does mens & womens & has old fashioned strop razor shaves & hot towels etc for guys . Downstairs I have my hair cut & coloured by a very quiet but FAST gay guy named Adi. If you get cut & colour together you get 25% off. Around RP 850,000 for it. If you look them up on internet they are under TSL. Their phone is impossible so I always email Shierly Koval (the owner) for an appointment. They are always on time.


I have had a lot of friends recommend HAIRWORLD on the bypass in Sanur between Rip Curl Sunrise and Ari Fitness Gym. They know about blonde hair and are quick, obliging & cheap Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai 121xx, Sanur  0361 270954. Haircut by Irwan –RP100,000. Colour RP 300,000.


MARGI is an Indonesian who does a very good job of blonde hair and understands European hair.

He is on Jl Bypass in Sanur, just before Jl Danau Tondano 0851 0043 2926. Colour, cut, shampoo & style dry  RP 350,000.  GOOD ENGLISH







Call Ollie Mauger ( a New Zealander)  0822 4741 4045

Based at Pecatu



Terry & I took out Hospital insurance for ourselves covering us for $500.00 per day in hospital, anywhere in the world in any hospital. We also insured our staff for $300.00 per day in hospital. The staff premium was $100.00 AUD per year & Terry’s was $1,500 US & mine was $3,300 US per year. This is through Allianz & I called my guru Nyoman Nirta to arrange. He is an agent for Allianz. I also paid by credit card at their RENON Office. Pak Nyoman  0812 363 5995.



Jl Tantular No 36,


0361 247 499,   0361 222 588


This is a very modern, clean hospital that you can easily access from Sanur particularly. Lots of free parking in the rear.

You can see a General Practitioner & most of the specialists have rooms here and are available quickly.

The first time you attend you need to produce your Passport & Kitas for their registration process. They then give you a card you use everytime you come. There is an admin fee of RP 10,000 everytime you come and a GP will cost between RP300,000-400,000 but you will see them almost immediately..

Worth going to check out. Everyone I know who used this service said it was quick, efficient & cheap




I got household insurance through an international company in Jakarta called Jardine Lloyd Thompson  phone 62 212995 2500. Wahyudi Rizal is the guy to talk to. This is their email–   I just sent them an email & said I was referred by Robert Kelsall of The Bali Dynasty Hotel & told them what I wanted covered & they emailed back with prices & suggestions.


  • ICE CREAM & YOGHURT—Rodhi JayaHutama Group are at Jl Waribang Gang Titibatu 1A Kesiman (Padang Galak) 0361 283731. Tiramisu Icecream is RP90,000 per litre. Chocolate is RP 75,000 per litre. Sold in 2.5 litre pots. All the flavours you will get at the icecream parlour. Rum & Raisin is really good. They also make waffle cones & cups while you wait @ RP1,400.00 each

Also handmade PASTA—Chicken or pumpkin ravioli is RP70,000 per KG. In the afternoon after lunch they bake their vegetable & chicken pies. Sausage rolls & pizzas. Take a cold food bag for your car. They are very clean. Lots of parking. Open 7 days 9.00am to 5.00pm. Cash Only. You can telephone the day before & they will put stuff aside for you. The American owner, Rodney also owns Stiff Chilli Restaurant in Sanur






When you contact Wayan, please tell him you are a friend of Janine Pitman.  He speaks good English and does good work.

He will come to you if it’s worth his while.





Fibreglass garden pots with waterproof fixtures Insenso Shop, Jl Basngkasa 45, Seminyak  0361 8475811


Amparo Legal, Six Point Jl Hang Tuah, Sanur (behind McDonalds) Pak Rian Nasution

0361 289670

PROPERTY LAW & Retirement visa, Ida Bagus Pak Anom  Jl Danau Buyan # 62, Sanur 0821 4644 447


This is a hotel Manchester & linen firm & make 100% Egyptian cotton  sheets, towels     ,everything you could want as well as they make mattress protectors & the softest microfibre   doona inserts you could want. They mostly only have plain colours although many fabrics are self patterned.  Talk to Gede & he will guide you & quote but you need to measure your beds etc. They take at least a month to make it.    U.D. Tenaga Baru—Hotel, Bed & Bath Supplies, Jl Iman Bonjol No 55-AA8 (Iman Bonjol Square) Denpasar   phone 0361 499416 Gede..  email:-

For Bali please think about how thick these sheets are. Beautiful quality but I have found them too hot for Bali


  • Also INDOLINEN at Jl Bypass opposite McDonalds in Sanur.


  • Sheets made by a small curtain shop in Amlapura. Long way to go but they make for all the villas & hotels up the coast & this recommendation comes from Alex & Jessica Ford at Villa Alba in Tulamben AND we slept on them.

He has to order the fabric from Jakarta, so may take several weeks. 1 fitted sheet set with 3 pillow cases cost RP450,000.

White ,self stripe fabric sheet set is around RP 730,000. They also do embroidery on the sheets or doonas or whatever you order. English is not good but you can get the message through.

They are in Amlapura as you head north on the 2 lane road on the right at the curve before the narrow bridge, Opposite the new really brightly coloured car sales shops.

Lian Gorden   Jl Jendral Sudirman No 208, AMLAPURA   081 337 014 126



HANDWOVEN PLUS   ICHO dan UCHA in Jl Raya Andong No 24X, Ubud  0361 974113

The lady of the shop is Ayu , a Balinese lady married to  Imam  Santoso from Java.

They speak really good English & some German. They are very good  tailors & understand very well. They make & supply cushions & insets, Bedcovers,curtains, sheets & pillowcases, chair cushions & even Outdoor recliner & chair cushions.

They were very quick & rang me each time to tell me items were finished.

The shop is about 200 metres from the white UBUD statue along Jl Raya Andong on the left as you go north. Near a shell/lamp store. Not open Friday.







comes to your home . He’s blind—Wayan 081 916 283 899. Charges RP100,000 per hour


Penny Ellis owns & operates Bali BISA. A training school for massage therapists from all over the world. Ring & put your name down. Average cost RP30,000  57A jl Sekuta, Sanur 0361 281 289




  • MEAT

Also from Lyn Robinson, price list & delivered. Lady named Dewi  0812 4658 2288


December, 2015– New to the scene is PORKIES. Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai 234 Blok F, Sanur

Pete Botha is the South African front man & he has an Austrian butcher as a business partner.

The shop has parking and is next door to Club Sehat between Splash Bakery & Kimia Farmia in Sanur.

081193333110 Pete Botha

They have South African Biltong & Boerwoes & Australian Beef & Lamb. Locally sourced Pork, hand made chorizo & lots of other sausages. You can just pop in and try the meats & they also sell artisanal bread  & chocolates & their own rubs & herbs

Offering opening sales discounts of up to 30%.

Cash Only at present will take BCA debit card.

Recently (May 2016) they introduced a deli style  sandwich area.



This is one of the oldest supermarkets in Bali. It’s right in Denpasar near Udayana Hospital. You will be very surprised at the quality of the meat here. The pork ribs are about RP200,000 a kilo & are really good. Not too fatty. We loved their big neck cut pork chops. Worth a try.


BIG MEAT BUTCHER. Australian named Dave phone 0821 4591 9098

108 Danau Poso, Sanur. Hours 10am to 6pm.

Local meat but cut to Australian standards. Not as good as Raja’s imported meat but one quarter of the price. The sausages are good.

The shop is next to BIG CHICS (his wife) & almost on the corner of Jl Danau Poso, Jl Cemara & Jl Danau Tamblingan.  Opened in November, 2015  . No card facilities. Cash only




Recommended by Peter Herfkens-


I received the price list from Sven’s Choice, the meat company. Their mail address is . To order, use



  • MEAT

Raja’s meat in  Sanur. They deliver as well. Cash only.

Jl Tukad Balian No 557, Sidakaryan. (Sanur)  0361 2030939  Not far from the Vet

I use these people & have always had great meat



This is a new store On Jl Prof Ida Bagus Mantra Bypass just past Padang Galek. Drive up this road going north past Dyatmika School entry keep going until you get to the newest 4 storey building on your left & it’s in there. Called Yayasan Trikaya.



Club Sehat—Healthy Grocery Store

Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No 234, Sanur

0819 9965 6991, 0817 9780 188



This is a retailer of hard to get seeds, nuts,cereals etc & they sell in 500g to 1 kilo lots. They are much cheaper than other places. Go her for Quinoa, Flax Seeds, Almond meal, Cashews, Brown Rice etc.

Hours Sun-Thursday –9am to 7pm

Friday 9am to 3pm

On the bypass same side as Splash Bakery Near Grohe and almost across the road from BNI, BCA & Garuda Office in Sanur


Satvika Bhoga

Organic Produce and Health Food Store

Some of What you can find : Organic Produce, Organic Black, Red and Brown Rice, Homemade Soap and Dhal, Organic Nuts and Seeds, English Spinach
·         Hours: 9am-7pm Daily
·         Delivery
Where: Jalan Hang Tuah No. 9, Sanur

Tthis place truly is one of a kind in Sanur. Satvika Bhoga may even be the most well stocked Organic Health Food Store in all of Bali. Being that they not only supply consumers but businesses like restaurants and hotels as well, that makes sense. They have a large range of organic produce, free range eggs, nuts, seeds, rice and other grains, dried fruits, natural and homemade personal and health care products, and pretty much anything else one could ever want for their Raw Food Kitchen. For anyone living in Sanur, this is a one stop shop.

Phone Number : +62 (0) 361 284 055 / 783 6741

Website :


They also do staff training on how to use & prepare their foods. Worth going to their website

This is an xtract from my friend but thought you all may be interested in this contact ……….or not ………

Yes at the present time we do a french rousillon style pate from our free range organic livers. ( pate made from factory farm livers are a concentration of all the antibiotics, roxasone and other chemical toxins/medicines they have been fed in the weeks before.)

Our chickens are the best in indonesia! Im not modest about that am I! Our only competition is the factory farm chickens labelled organic that come from java. Yes they are fake but if youre into labels without the reality they are perfect!

How to find us?

We do a range of markets which we have turned into pickup points, samadhi in canggu on sunday mornings, souq in seminyak on thursday mornings and room 4dessert in ubud on friday evenings. We do deliveries in sanur on thursdays. You can come by the office in tegalalang and pick up all sorts of things most days.

We do deliveries mostly in the ubud area for a small fee.

Here is extra info. Check out our fb page for more info.

Fb page:


Updated prices


Orders in Ubud are delivered. In the south we deliver to Sanur every Thursday weekly. On the Canggu side we have a pickup market at the Samadi on a Sunday morning.  Seminyak and Kerobokan pickups can be made on a Thursday morning between 10 and 12midday. Please order early as many products sell out each week.

Free range organic Meats ( real meat from real farms- not factory farm meat!!)

  • Free range organic Ayam 88,000rp a kilo
  • Free range organic Muscovy duck 135,000rp kilo
  • Free range organic Pork from 155,000rp (see below)
  • Gourmet tamarind smoked nitrate free organic bacon 188,000rp kilo.


  • Our handmade nitrate free gourmet Bali hams – Jamon baliasli Fiocco. Jamon baliasli Culatello, Jamon baliasli Capicola, Jamon baliasli Lomo. Chorizo and other dried meats coming soon. From 3580rp 100g pack Single origin breed, fed on mango, rambutan, coconut, pumpkin.
  • Gourmet organic pork sausage. Mango/herb/wine or bacon/herb/whey or even our Truffle shitake pork belly sausages, from 210,000rp a kg. No artificial casings, all natural pork.


 ·                               Indonesias only free range organic liver pate. French provincial style with organic herbs, Johnnie Walker Double Black. 49,000rp 200g.

Meats processed hygienically following HACCP guidelines.



Organic Eggs,milks, & oils

  • Free range organic eggs from our managed farm 75rp a gram. (Not available during the wet season)


  • Raw organic goats milk 40,000rp a bottle 500ml.


  • Cold pressed organic coconut milk (no water added). 60,000rp a 600ml glass bottle.


  • Premium multi cold pressed organic coconut oil. 75,000rp 600ml glass bottle.


  • Fresh made raw Goat’s cheese, Caucasus culture. Limited quantities weekly


  • Organic fresh whey. A direct protein drink or use it to give your sauces a distinct edge. 35,000rp a 600ml bottle.


Organic Juice

  • ·         RAW lifejuice, healing meliponni nectar/honey with moringa protein & antioxidants. 59,000rp 600ml bottle. No preservatives, no additives…just pure pulped seasonal juice.
  • ·         Pure Grape juice 39,000rp a 600ml bottle. No preservatives, no additives at all…just crushed grape juice.



  • ·         Deep forest Dorsata honey (wild harvested). From deep in the mountain wilderness of western Bali. 235,000rp (world’s biggest bees)- This unique and pure honey from the wilderness regions is easily the premium of honeys in Indonesia.
  • ·         Clove honey- when we can get it.
  • ·         Farmed pure honey: 225,000rp
  • ·        Fake honey (plenty of Corn fructose) 100,000rp (yes we bought some for tests and just to show that we too can sell fake ‘honey’ at this price.)
  • All bottles 600ml.

We test our honey for a reality check as most honey in Bali in cut/ diluted/ or mixed with fructose.


Organic herbs and vegetables.

  • Oroblancos(sweet grapefruit) .feb- march
  • Mango in season for organic growers (bit later than chemical producers) oct- jan

Golekmanis.(long, yellow flesh, sour notes)  Harummanis (fat with orange flesh,sweet) Manalagi (roundish, yellow flesh, sweet) Wild mango (small roundish orange flesh, sweet but fibrous)


  • Raw Cacao- butter(295rp a gram), powder(240rp a gram), raw unshelled nibs(119rp a gram).
  • Our avocadoes are available for 26,000rp a kg. They are not chemically ripened!
  • Super sweet and firm Californian papaya 7000rp a kg.
  • Chemical free organic or wild ginger, garlic, onions.(28rp a gram)- handfuls of the stuff only costs a few thousand rp
  • Cashews- raw- 95,000rp a kg.


WE often have limited amounts of other vegetables and fruits appearing seasonally and sporadically. Always check with staff at the market stall to see if they have anything to surprise you.


Organic chemical free.

  • Fermented fertilizer, concentrated ayam& goats. 5000rp a kilo. SPECIAL PROMO: OR buy a 20kg bag for 75,000rp OR buy 4 bags get one free.
  • Organic and natural herb and spice ant, cockroach control spray pumps 55,000rp a 1 litre spray bottle. 30,000 a litre for refills.
  • Pure spice oils natural mosquito repellant sprays 35,000rp( not the usual citronella scent, ours is spicy and more like a pefume! Totally natural no chemicals)
  •  Organic totally chemical free soaps exclusively made from rare goat milk colostrum and meliponni nectar. Cut your own size with a knife.
  • Organic totally free moisturizers exclusively made from rare goat milk colostrum, organic cacao butter and meliponni nectar.
  • Ant-i-ant chemical free and safe natural botanicals ant frustration sprays for tables and floors. safe for pets and kids.
  • Mould zapper, natural botanicals mould destruction sprays
  • Coming soon- our specialist ayam booster food supplement feed, helping you to get more and improved eggs from your chicken friends or improve meat quality. All natural ingredients, no chemical additives.


Organic pork cuts, when available, come like this:

2 x Leg roast @165,000kg

6 x loin rack @ 175,000 kg

2 x spare ribs @ 175,000kg

2 picnic roasts @ 175,000kg

2 x hock/shank @ 155,000kg

2 x boston butts (scotch fillet roasts) @ 185,000kg

2 x tenderloin @ 197,000kg

minced pork 165,000kg


PET FOOD @ 35,000rp a kg.

Our new BARF inspired 98% all meat pet food. Antibiotic, hormone and chemical free. 35,000rp a kg.

Whole ground chicken(older hens & roosters) and pork (offcuts). Ratio 80% meat,fat, ligaments, marrow. 10% liver. 8% ground bone.

Includes marrow and ground down chicken bones. 2% bread included for handling/ moisture absorbency.

This is easily the healthiest and purest pet food in Indonesia.

  • Pet bones also available-35,000rp a kg


Plastic bag free zone:

A range of carbon neutral 100% eco bags will be available. WANAPRASTA BAGS (return to nature).

Please return bottles for recycling. Those who do get some freebies.


Wanaprasta – Superhygiene

Challenge the factory farm.
Cruelty free ethical farming

  • Free range organic chicken, eggs, pork and Muscovy duck.
  • Organic handmade chemical/nitrate free traditional tamarind smoked bacon.
  • Tamarind smoked  Fiocco, culatello, capicola, lomo hams (nitrate free)
  • Bali’s only free range organic chicken pate.
  • Free range organic black pig  gourmet sausages.
  • Organic, raw goats milk.
  • Organic goat cheese/chevre.
  • RAW- fresh, same day, organic, moringa protein multivitamin juices( with meliponni healing nectar).
  • Variety of fresh, seasonal, hand pressed fruit juices without any additives.
  • Organic cashews, pure undiluted honey, specialty and rare vegetables.
  • Organic cacao, cacao butter and coffees.
  • Fermented, ground goat and chicken manure fertiliser (100% organic and NO chemical /antibiotic residues)
  • Training, Advisory &  Inspection service for farmers/producers who wish to participate in free range organic. Call: 082144884017. Or to access our free range organic food & medicinal supplements for animals.
  • facebook:




Yann is an amazing French guy who is married to a Balinese woman & they live in Mas near Ubud. His skill level is incredible. He charges RP500,000 cASH for a visit & well worth it.

Call for appointment  0819 1673 8147.



Dewata Synthetic Rattan is on Jl Ngurah Rai Bypass in Sanur just about opposite Cafe Moka. Rattan recliners are RP 1.2 million (cheapest I could find elsewhere was RP 1.7 million )




Jl By Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel, Gianyar   0361 2969 04

081 2399 1053

The manager’s name is EDY. Perfect English really helpful. I really couldn’t believe how cheap the really big paintings were & if you go in with an idea or a photo they will copy it in oil on canvas (big) RP2,000,000. Great way to decorate your house. Edy is happy to sit with you & go through the internet for photos & things you like & then arrange the work. The timeline depends on the size & complexity of the  picture & the oil needs time to dry. Seems to be open all the time & is really huge



The new physio contact I have, who comes to your home, and recommended by Di Sidoti is:

Made Widnyana (2 numbers not sure why)

M: 0812 3809 7800

M: 0819 3438 1457



I used him and he was fantastic. Only works weekends in your home as he has a fulltime job as an employed physio

He has a TENS machine & Infa Red etc and really does deep tissue work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

RP 200,000 for 2 hours




Thilo is a very handsome German who is married to a Malaysian girl & has a baby girl. He lives in Sanur.

He will come to you house & personal training is about RP500,000 per 70 minutes & Pilates on mats will cost Rp 800,000. Maximum 5 people. He is really really good

0812 3765 0216.


PERSONAL TRAINING with Jane Brooks. Jane will come to you or train you in your gym. She will tailor a program for you & also do group classes. Phone 0812 3683 7589.




Nyoman Darsana  0857 9221 3009  0361 9942307 email


Jl Tambak Sari No 5, Sanur (off Tirta Nadi first on the right if coming from the Bypass)


Pool Chlorine, Acid Test kits & brushes & Vacuum stuff.

1 box of granulated Chlorine tablets @RP 35,000

I container liquid sodium @ RP 80,000

1 Container of Hydrochloric Acid (30 litre) @ RP105,000


Will deliver or you can pick up

Will also come & regularly service & maintain your pool.



Kadek Witaya   081 236 235 905. Several years ago he worked for Biosphere & he originally installed the anode pool system at our house. We just replaced a control system for RP12 million & everyone else quote RP26million & it was definitely the same stuff. He was quick & efficient.

If you have a well he is great with filter pumps etc for that. He checks everything through a laboratory so that the microbe balance is correct.

Early April 2014 he quoted for filters on each of my well pumps & was about RP 5-10 million cheaper than anyone else. He brought me a complete schematic of the proposal when he quoted in writing.



Dierk van Aalten is a big loud Dutchman who has been in Bali 20 years or more. He owns & runs BioControlBali—Environmental Cleaning Company. They will clean, vacuum etc your pond & get it clear then  introduce organic microbe (is there any other sort of microbe) to continue to eat algae in your pond etc & keep it clean.  0851 0670 7907 or 0821 4422 8492   email-

Also does Organic Mosquito Fogging


  • POTS

Amazing glazed ceramic pots. These are huge & are really statement pieces. The colours are spectacular Expensive & imported from Thailand but you can’t get these anywhere else in Bali—believe me, I looked & looked. The men in the shop are really helpful. Putu is the main guy. They will take Visa credit cards & discount for cash. They delivered same day & were very reliable. Kemarin Hari Ini 1200 BC , Jl Raya Basangkas, Legian Utara   0361 730508  email –

This shop is almost at the end of Jl Raya Legian near Jari Menari .



RIMO Trade Centre (RTC) Jl Diponegoro 136, Denpasar 085 100 897 218



I Made Parta has a store right at the top of Jl Raya Tegallalang  0361 944 907    Called Bali Evan Crazy Design

He carves large sharks & paints them. They are expensive , mine cost RP2.7 million but you can’t get them anywhere else






Mostly for fogging & bug spraying & Rat extermination.

Used him 1/4/16 & a lot in 2017 & very happy


I Wayan Nuka Jl Seroja No 47, Denpasar

081916537658   082 146 458 672



Vet—Female vet. Dr Listriani—Jl Tukad Balian No 170, Renon. phone   0361 7449306

Her office often knows of expats who are leaving & want a good home for dog or cats etc


Try Dr Budi—He comes to you  0812 392 7218. He really knows what he is doing & is cheap. About RP 80,000 per visit. He is the vet for Bali Zoo & is so busy that sometimes you really need to keep calling or messaging him. But worth it.

  • Klinik Hewan Veterinary Clinic— Dr I Dewa Made ANOM 0361 720989. Main off is the lane before Yani Hotel on the Bypass near Jl Diponegoro.

Very efficient & quick    08123930844 handphone  or 085100443311 telephone




Want a special attraction. Call Bali Zoo & they will bring you a white tiger or lion or snake. Call them for costs


RCT Building in Denpasar opposite Ramayana Dept Store. On 2nd floor –opens at about 10,30 am maybe- Pondok Handphone RIMO Centre Bali 0361 7949319  The most helpful young woman named Desi.


Cheapest  for overseas Dial 01017 then country code.


Australian guy named Jay Malifa 0821 453 705 90


Shoot (Bali Images)-Kunti Plaza Jl Kunti I Seminyak  0361 731407 Prices are half of Sydney & equal quality.


will pick up & deliver back to your home. Service is really cheap & quick—Specialise—Build a Bike—Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No 653, Suwung Kauh, Denpasar  (0361)721 924


  • highly recommended by the Kelsalls & I have used his plumbing service. He was quick & came on a Balinese Public holiday Pak  Sayed   0361) 785 4218



Call Pak Nyoman Nirta of Allianz Insurance 0812 3635995 I took out annual insurance for hospital cover for my staff & it cost around RP1,000,000 for a year (depending on their age & whether they smoke). Now that the Balinese Government have started some medical for people I have swopped my staff over to a super type fund, for the same premium, & it’s portable & they can draw on it in a lump sum in 8 years & also continue it. Also through Pak Nyoman




Blue Marlin at Gili Trawangan are the guys to see. Very professional & even have formed the CCR club of Asia. Talk to Will Goodman


Aussie Garden, Jl Raya Singapadu, Batubulan, Bali  0361 7472330




Alus Tailors were recommended to me in 2001 & there is no better tailor in Bali for men’ & womens clothes. They have a large number of design books & some fabrics but I suggest you go to the shop & go through the books & look for what you’d like & Ibu Asri will tell you have much fabric & you can then go to Alta Moda or Duta Silk etc & buy your fabric. She has linings in stock if you don’t want to buy them at the expensive shops. I am still wearing the clothes she made for me & people always ask me about the workmanship etc. More expensive than some tailors but absolutely worth it

ALUS Tailor
Jl. Raya Kuta no. 40A
Kuta, Bali 80361

Tel: +62 361 753 646
Fax: +62 361 756 935
Mobile: +62 813 3743 7373


  • TREE LOPPER— Pak Tangin

Janine Pitman recommended  this fellow—  081337713064. He cut a really large tree & took away all the cuttings as part of the price. Make sure you tell him EXACTLY what you need before he quotes as he may try for add on extras.



Stile Works  Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No99, Kuta  North west of Jl Kendedes. Great tiles & often factory specials. Call Vanessa Mangold   081 236 295 150



Call Pak Ongken    0821 4422 3375

Called Ongken Trazzo

He installed a lot of terrazzo at my house & all of the grouting was glass strips. Really nice. He  also changed the terrazzo colours for the walls


He is also a tiler so can repair other issues


  • VENETIAN GLASS Mirror Glass Works Jl Raya Andong 77, Ubud  0361972 816. They have beautiful styles I haven’t seen elsewhere & prices are on par with other venetian glass suppliers. I was a little concerned about their quality as I noticed the glass in their front window was delaminating. I haven’t bought from them





Bali Ide—Call Ibu Yani—speaks great English , very efficient & helpful & has a good quick contact in Singapore & will do a visa renewal in 8 hours, while you wait. Yani—(0361)725 200  handphone 0897 090 0008,  Ambassador House, Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No 100,  Bersengaram, Bali


  • WINE                                                Artisan Wine has an excess of some very excellent wine & they will deliver a minimum of 1 dozen. Bron is a very helpful  Australian lady I have a pricelist so just email me or call & I’ll send it but it hasn’t been updated since November 2012 so you should check with Bron. It’s really good WA wine. Have recently found this wine for the same price at Lottemart & friends tell me that Lottemart sell PLAGA wine for RP160,000 per bottle.


Since 2014 Artisan have introduced a free membership which gives great discounts on their wine I have a list if you need a copy & if you buy % dozen minimum , It’s as cheap as RP135,000 a bottle delivered to you.




This is a reference from Lyn Robinson, so you may need to refer to her name as this guy is legal but cautious about his business—Lyn says he sells very good quality Chilean wine at cheap prices—Deepak  0877 615 41500


It seems, when it comes to wine, Lyn Robinson is the expert Call Bapak Natanal on 0857 28822668 for cheap Plaga Wines. He delivers in the early evenings as he has another day job.


  • Janine Pitman recommends Ketut +62 821 45444474 for wine. Very good quality.






Chendrawasih in Jl Monkey Forest in Ubud 0361 981 497 have really good quality & unusual wood carvings. They have lovely painted monks from Thailand. This shop is across the road from Kopi Bali in Ubud on the low curve at the end of the last monkey forest carpark. I used a credit card & they didn’t charge me extra & they gave me around 45% off. Very pleasant to deal with & helpful.




Re purposed wood out of old factories, boats & old felled trees. Clive is based in Java & his carpenters are from Jepara. He also designs beautiful carvings that he has his tradespeople execute. If you have been to Gili Trawangen you will see his work in Kayu Cafe

Clive Riddington
The Old Tree Company